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Dual Planetary Ball Mill
Dual Planetary Ball Mill
Dual Planetary Ball Mill
Dual Planetary Ball Mill
Dual Planetary Ball Mill
Dual Planetary Ball Mill

Dual Planetary Ball Mill

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SXQM series of dual planetary ball mill is a kind of essential device for laboratory use, which is used for mixing, grinding or producing high-tech new materials in small batch or production. It is widely used in the following industries such as electronic, magnetism, medicine, ceramic, geology, mineral, metallurgy, build material, chemical, light industry, beauty, environmental protection, and etc.

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Double planetary structure of dual planetary ball mill realizes movement of small disk driven by one large planetary disk. Compared with common planetary ball mill in same size, revolution radius and rotation speed of mill jars have been enlarged greatly and centrifugal force of grinding balls is multiplied. Collision, shearing and frictions between grinding balls are becoming increased significantly. As result, grinding effect and efficiency have been improved greatly. Some materials can be ground into nano meter scale by dual planetary ball mill. Class. Dual planetary ball mill is a kind of typical high efficiency and high energy ball mill.


SXQM series planetary ball mill working principle: There are two larger planetary rollers that make rotation movement installed on a base turntable which makes revolution movement. Another two smaller turntables are installed on each larger tank rollers respectively; there are two mill tanks on each smaller turntable. The machine has totally four ball tanks installed on the smaller turntables. When the base turntable rotates, the tank roller makes planetary movements. The balls and samples of material inside the tanks are ground and mixed under high speed movement.


Tencan dual planetary ball mill shell is welded with thick steel plate, which has high strengths, impact resistance, deformation resistance, fine workmanship, strong and beautiful appearance. The material of mechanic parts is strictly processed by heat treatment process and numerical control processing technology. The gear box is adopted with quasi-sealed groove embedded structure, and the drive gear is made of wear-resistant precision gear. The machine frame and structure are fully considered in design to ensure the stable, safe and reliable operation of the ball mill under long-term and high load conditions, and to effectively achieve the effect of noise reduction in the operation of the machine. The liquid oil self-lubricating device is designed with low noise and high intensity, and it is equipped with a liquid oil level meter for easy replacement. With the touch screen of micro-computer, machine operation is becoming convenient, the interface is more simple and intuitive,forward and reversal alternating control can be achieved easily. It owns functions of timing and power-off memory.
1. The mill pot makes two planetary movement, It enjoys high efficiency and small particle size under the high frequency percussion, linear collision force, friction force.( First in China)
2. Four different samples can be got at one time. It is convenient for the technologist to do the research and develop the new material.
3. Feed Granularity of Materials: Soil material ≤10mm, other materials ≤3mm.
4. Wet or dry grinding method. Minimum Granularity of powder amounts to 0.06 μm.
5. Frequency controlled, you can set the speed as per experiment effect.
6. Large turn disc revolution: 50-400rpm.
    Small turn disc revolution: 100-800rpm.
    Large planetary axis rotation: 100-800rpm.
    Mill pot rotation: 200-1600rpm.
7. The planetary ball mill has timing power off, self-timing forward and inversion function. It can raise the efficiency by choosing one-way, alternately, continuously, time-setting operation.
8. Motor power: 0.4L, 2L, 4L: 0.75KW, 220V, 50Hz; 16L, 20L: 5.5KW, 380V, 50Hz.
9. Our planetary ball mill is functional which has low bary center, stable performance, compact structure, easy operation, reliable safety, low noise, and low wastage.

BetjeningstilstandDer kan bruges to eller fire mølleglas til hver formaling
Max kapacitet for materialerMindre end 1/3 af hver krukkevolumen
Samlet maksimal kapacitet: mindre end 1/3 af den samlede krukkers volumen
Feed størrelseBløde og sprøde materialer ≤ 10mm
Andre hårde materialer ≤ 3mm
Output granularitetMindste granularitet kan opnås til 0.1μm
Rotationshastighedsforhold1: 02
Maks. kontinuerlig driftstid72 Hours
Materialer af tilgængelige møllekrukker304 Stainless steel, 316l stainless steel, Zirconia, Nylon, PU,Alumina ceramic (corundum), PTFE, Agate, Tungsten carbide

Table 1 Technical Parameters For Dual Planetary Ball Mill

Model nummerSpecifikationerMatchbare størrelserMatchet mængdeMatchbare størrelser
af Møllekrukkeraf vakuummøllekrukker
SXQM-0.40.4L50ml, 100ml4 stk50ml
SXQM-11.0L250ml4 stk50 ml. 100 ml
SXQM-22.0L500ml4 stk50 ml, 100 ml, 250 ml
SXQM-44.0L1000ml4 stk50ml-500ml
SXQM-66.0L1L-1.5L4 stk50ml-1000ml

Table 2 Technical Parameters For Dual Planetary Ball Mill

Model nummerSpændingPoweromdrejningshastighedStøj
SXQM-0.4220V-50Hz1.5KW140-1120 omdr./minMindre end 58 db
SXQM-1220V-50Hz1.5KW140-1120 omdr./minMindre end 60 db
SXQM-2220V-50Hz1.5KW140-1120 omdr./minMindre end 60 db
SXQM-4220V-50Hz1.5KW140-1120 omdr./minMindre end 60 db
SXQM-6220V-50Hz1.5KW140-1120 omdr./minMindre end 60 db

Table 3 Technical Parameters For Dual Planetary Ball Mill

Model nummerSpeed ​​ControlNettovægtNetto dimensioner
SXQM-0.4Frekvensstyring250kgs1150 * 800 * 760mm
SXQM-1Frekvensstyring250kgs1150 * 800 * 760mm
SXQM-2Frekvensstyring250kgs1150 * 800 * 760mm
SXQM-4Frekvensstyring250kgs1150 * 800 * 760mm
SXQM-6Frekvensstyring250kgs1150 * 800 * 760mm

Som en professionel producent og leverandør af planetkuglemøller har vi give alle former for mølle krukker i fuld størrelse, der dækker 304 eller 316 rustfri stålmølle krukker, wolframcarbid mølle krukker, agat mølle krukker, korund mølle krukker, zirkonium mølle krukker, nylonmølle krukker, PU mølle krukker, PTFE mølle krukker og etc.

Tilgængelige møllekrukker Specifikationer

Tilgængelige møllekrukker

Tilgængelige specifikationer

304 eller 316 Srustfri stålmølle krukker

Fra 50ml-25L

Tungsten carbid mølle krukker

Fra 50ml til 2L

Agat mølle krukker

Fra 50ml til 2L

Korundmølle krukker

Fra 50ml til 10L

Zirconia mølle krukker

Fra 50ml til 5L

Nylon mølle krukker

Fra 50ml-25L

PU mølle krukker

Fra 50ml-25L

PTFE mølle krukker

Fra 50ml-25L

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Derudover, vi også leverer fulde størrelser på 304 eller 316 rustfrit stål mølle bolde, zirconia mølle bolde, aluminium bolde, agat kugler, kulstofmøllekugler i stål, wolfram mølle bolde, jernkerne PU-bolde, og etc.

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Tilgængelige Mill Balls & Specifikationer

Tilgængelige møllekrukker

Tilgængelige specifikationer (diameter)

304 Srustfri stålmølle bolde

Fra 1 mm til 30 mm

316L Srustfri stålmølle bolde

Fra 1 mm til 30 mm

Tungsten carbid møllekugler

Fra 2 mm til 20 mm

Agat mølle bolde

Fra 1 mm til 30 mm

Alumina mølle bolde

Fra 1 mm til 50 mm

Zirconia mølle krukker

Fra 0.1 mm til 30 mm


Fra 1 mm til 30 mm

Jernkerne PU møllekugler

Fra 15 mm til 30 mm


Anbefaling til matchende løsning om slibemateriale og tilbehør

Slibematerialer og forespørgsler

Foreslået løsning

1. Jord og andre materialer, som ikke er tilladt med metalurenheder

Agat mølle krukker og kugler

2. Metal- eller ikke-metalmaterialer, som ikke er tilladt med metalurenheder

Zirconia krukker og kugler

3. Materialer med høj hårdhed som diamant- og wolframcarbidmaterialer

Tungsten carbid krukker og kugler

4. Stærke tilsætnings- og alkaliske materialer eller andre materialer under høj temperatur

PTFE møllekrukker og zirkoniakugler

5. Jernmalm eller andre materialer med lav metalurenhedsfølsomhed

Kværnekrukker og kugler i rustfrit stål

6. Pigment eller materialer med senere forarbejdning under høj temperatur

Nylon mølle krukker og zirconia kugler

7. Aluminiumoxidmaterialer som keramisk glasur

Korundkværnekrukker og aluminakugler

8. Elektroniske materialer som lithiumbatteri

Polyurethan krukker og jernkerne PU kugler

9. Let oxiderede materialer eller nogle materialer, der skal beskyttes under speciel atmosfære

Vakuummølle krukker

Forslag til matchende løsning om møllekrukker og kugler

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